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Self Assessment

Online self-assessment provides the learner with a unique opportunity to progressively monitor the acquisition of underpinning knowledge and skills. The training organistion can determine the how many self-assessments may be undertaken for each unit. When the learner completes the self-assessment the score achieved, the date of the assessment and the length of time taken to complete the assessment is displayed.

The following online self-assessments are available:


Pathology and oral disease

Maintain infection control in dental practice (OH1)

Workplace health and safety (ENTO A)

Offer information and support to individuals on the protection of their oral health (OH2)

Provide chairside support during the assessment of patient's oral health (OH3)

Contribute to the production of dental images (OH4)

Provide chairside support during the prevention and control of periodontl disease and caries and the restoration of cavities (OH5).

Provide chairside support during the provision of fixed and removable prostheses (OH6)

Provide chairside support during non-surgical endodontic treatment (OH7)

Provide chairside support during the extraction of teeth and minor oral surgery (OH8)

Trial NEBDN Exam

Instrument Identification


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